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Sound Carving (2021)

Event: Sonic Anchor #35: Here is Another Life

Co-presented by: Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong and Hong Kong Arts Centre⁠


Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong is thrilled to have Viola Yip and Goin’ Music to be presenting at Sonic Anchor #35: Here is Another Life on Tuesday, Nov 23, at the McAulay Studio. Viola Yip will be here with us in person. She will perform the newest iteration of her duo project "Transsonic", which uses lightbulbs and amplified relays that interacts with her virtual duo partner Nicola L. Hein on his guitar that is spatialized across a multichannel system via a Machine Learning algorithm. Also be prepared to see piles of debris: Goin’ Music will be taking the wood carving process to the stage along with two artists Justin Chan and Vivian Law.

Creative-commons licensed sound pack (雕那聲音包)

Date: Nov 7 & 16, 2021

Venue: Bespecial Wood Carving & Woodcraft

Mic used: a combo of omnidirectional condenser instrument mics, various piezo mics, and Zoom H4N.

Recorder: Zoom L-12

Format: 48khz/ 24-bit Stereo Wav

Size: 150MB


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