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In My Hotel Room series (2020 - 2022)

From 2020 to 2021, the pandemic had frequently trapped me inside of a hotel room. In the midst of complete dullness, I made Instagram-friendly music videos, starting with common hotel room objects in Sydney and Toronto (ep.1-2), follow by compressing a 45-minute soliloquy in London (ep.3), and covering Take On Me by A-ha with the use of a gestural device in LA. (ep.4).

In 2022, While spending my vacation in Melbourne, I captured the sounds of bedroom objects from different angles and acoustics. The waves, once separated from the object, are placed back in line with the virtual room's arrangement, calling attention to the varying distances between what is seen and what is heard. Titled "In my (not hotel) room", the work is part of the online exhibition "Hear the birds chirping" curated by Alberta Leung, Size Variable.

Link to "Hear the birds chirping":


In My Hotel Room - Darling Harbour, Sydney

Date: Apr, 2020


In My Hotel Room 2 - Downtown Toronto

Date: Sep, 2020


(I'm sitting) In My Hotel Room 3 - Therapy in London

Date: Dec, 2021


(Not) In my hotel room 4 - LA

Date: Jan, 2021


In my (not hotel) room - Melbourne

Date: Aug, 2022


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