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Slap - interactive TV installation (2022)

As both a response and an extension of my childhood memories, Slap is a modified Cathode-ray tube TV that generates/ modulates audiovisual content upon receiving percussive signals. The work features two noise sonification channels (Chinese character to wavetable and Noise to Noise) that serve as examples of its capability. With a user interface, remote control functionality, and a collaborative structure, Slap is an attempt to transform the obsolete technology into a versatile musical interface.

The project is supported by Toolbox Percussion Synergistic Scheme - Anti-epidemic Micro Creative Fund. Special thanks to Cheung Kwan-him, Chu Tsz-yeung, Li Chak-yin, Mak Yung-ka, and Mok Yuk-Kuen.

Memory 1:

It was Lunar New Year. Buzz and hiss. The TV all the kids were watching went noisy. Uncle got up from the mahjong table unhurriedly. He slapped it twice from the lower right corner as if it was part of his daily routine.

It worked, like magic. Then all I wanted was another opportunity. When the time finally came, I did not hesitate.

Slap! Slap! And SLAP!

It hurt. "Take it easy mum!"

Memory 2:

In kindergarten, when the tall cabinet with wheels rolls out, you know it's movie time. VHS player and CD player on the shelf, and TV on the top behind the doors, it came in front of us. Miss Lam revealed the TV and announced, "Let's watch the Lion King!" Kids went crazy. After all, it was The Frozen in the mid-90s.

To suppress the tiny riot, Miss Lam switched to an empty channel. Sharp and bright static noise gushed out from the box. "No more Lion King! You deserve snowflakes (雪花)! Even better!" she threatened.

I was not the only one who took this at absolute face value, as the white noise captured everyone's attention in the room, for fairly long. I don't recall if I watched any Disney show at the end, but the snowflakes were definitely going somewhere.


Arduino Uno microcontroller board and multiple piezo sensors are installed to capture and convert analog signals to digital. The audiovisual content design takes place in Touchdesigner. Both patches are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License and are available for download.

Softwares required:

Touchdesigner (Non-commercial):

Download ZIP • 94KB


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